Wooden tables

Uniqueness of materials
Our tables are made of solid wood (authentic and certified) and entirely manufactured in our workshop.

We aim to meet the needs of customers who want their furniture to be individual and elegant in design , offering both functionality and durability .
You will have the opportunity to customize your table, according to the environment and the use, coming out from those constraints imposed by the mass production . The exclusive original designs make timeless pieces as opposed to those that only adhere to “ of the moment” fashions .
Personalization is possible for the following:
• Dimensions
• Types of wood
• Compositions (drawings, accessories, etc..).
Each table will give a special touch to your home and you certainly will have an exclusive piece of furniture with the possibility to give it the name you want .

Even the painting stage is completely handmade, using paints and oils that highlight the characteristics and grain of wood.

Maintenance and care
As a free gift , we offer the most appropriate product for maintenance and cleaning according to the finishing chosen.

Some of our creations


Table 'Fabio' is th result of solid Elm wood planks of the early '900. It has a simple Design but with inlays in relief designed to make it special.


Living room or game table, Martina table in Doussiè and Olive wood is characterized by the central board in Oak and Wenge. The drawer knob recalls the board; legs are in Mahogany-stained Spruce. Five different types of wood combined in a single creation.


Oak table with perimeter band in Wenge and Doussié. Embedded tiles in the middle to resist to hot pans. Legs in old-looking Spruce.


Table in old lookin Oak with perimetral band in natural Oak. The central Wind Rose is made of Oak and Wenge. Legs are old- looking Spruce.


Rectangular table realized with a single block of wood, measuring 400x115cm. Old-looking Oak top and perimetral band in Doussié and natural Oak. Oak Legs adorned with iron elements, everything hand crafted.


Rita is a dining table with inlays of games in Sucupira and Maple. Legs are in Walnut and hand carved.


Rectangular-shaped table with Doussié top and perimeter band in Wenge and Oak. Legs are in Doussiè with Maple inlays.


Living room table made of whitened solid wood, arranged on different layers.


The table 'Marika' is made of solid Spruce. A saucy line loved by children, where the essential element, the leg, became a Design element.


The table 'Giada' is made of solid Oak wood. Thanks to the hand-planing and the bark, the wood retains its essence.